How to Install EPG on IPTV

Are you tired of flipping through endless channels on your IPTV service without knowing what’s currently playing or coming up next? The solution is to install an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that provides a digital TV guide right on your screen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to install EPG on IPTV step-by-step.


What is an EPG?

An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is an on-screen guide that displays scheduled programming information for current and upcoming shows on each channel. It’s like a digital version of a printed television program guide. With an EPG, you can easily see program titles, start and end times, descriptions, and other details to help you navigate your IPTV channels.


Why You Need an EPG for IPTV

Installing an EPG on your IPTV service enhances your viewing experience in several ways:

Quickly see what’s currently playing on each channel

Browse upcoming shows and schedule recordings

Get detailed program information and descriptions

Filter channels by categories like movies, sports, news, etc.

Set reminders for shows you don’t want to miss

Without an EPG, you’re stuck aimlessly channel surfing. A program guide makes it easy to find something to watch and plan ahead.


How to Get an EPG URL

To install an EPG on your IPTV, you first need to obtain a URL that links to the electronic program guide data for your channels. Typically this is provided by your IPTV service as an “EPG URL” or “XMLTV URL”.
Contact your IPTV provider and ask for the EPG URL.

It will likely be in one of these formats:


If your provider doesn’t offer an EPG URL, you have a couple options:

Find a public XMLTV file that contains listings for your channels. These are hard to find and often incomplete.

Generate your own XMLTV by setting up a server to scrape guide data from various online sources. This is very technical and not recommended for most users.

For best results, an EPG URL provided directly by your IPTV service is ideal. The program information will be accurate and update automatically.


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Installing EPG on Popular IPTV Apps

Once you have your EPG URL, the next step is to input it into your IPTV app so the guide data can be imported and displayed. The exact steps vary depending on what IPTV player you use. Let’s cover the process for some of the most popular apps.


IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters is a leading app for streaming live TV with an EPG. Here’s how to install the program guide:

Open the IPTV Smarters Pro app
Go to Settings
Under “EPG Settings”, click “EPG URL”
Enter the full EPG URL provided by your IPTV service
Click “Save”
Go back to the Live TV section of the app
The EPG will now display on the left side when you select a channel



TiviMate is another top-rated IPTV player with great EPG support. Adding a program guide is straightforward:

Launch TiviMate
Go to Settings > EPG
Click “Add” under “EPG Source”
Give the EPG a name like “My IPTV Guide”
Paste in the EPG URL from your provider
Select “Apply”
Return to the player screen and enjoy your new EPG


Perfect Player

The process to add an EPG in Perfect Player is very similar:

Open Perfect Player
Go to Settings > EPG Settings
Input the EPG URL you received from your provider
Click “OK”
Restart the app to load the program guide

As you can see, installing an EPG is quite easy in most IPTV apps. Just locate the EPG settings menu, paste in your XMLTV URL, and let it update. Within minutes you’ll have a beautiful, informative digital program guide.


Troubleshooting EPG Issues

If you run into problems getting your IPTV EPG to work, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

Double check that you entered the full EPG URL correctly with no typos or extra spaces
Make sure your IPTV subscription is active and not expired
Check if your IPTV app has an “Update EPG” or “Refresh EPG” option to force a guide data refresh
Try using a different EPG URL from your provider if available
Uninstall and reinstall your IPTV app as a last resort
Contact your IPTV provider for further assistance
With a little patience and persistence, you should be able to resolve any EPG installation issues.



We hope this guide helped explain how to install an EPG on your IPTV service. As you can see, it’s a fairly simple process that makes a world of difference in your viewing experience. With a digital program guide, you’ll spend less time surfing and more time enjoying your favorite shows.

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